When anyone asks me how things are going with my novel, I usually say, “Nothing new.” But it’s not completely accurate to say that nothing is going on. There is plenty happening behind the scenes:
- The full ms. is sitting on editor’s desk waiting to be read.
- A proposal is waiting on 2 editors’ desks to be evaluated.
- My agent is hard at work planning who to contact and when.
- My agent and I are always looking for information which might indicate that a publishing would be a good match for The Race that Lies Before Us.
- I’m making contacts that could lead to future opportunities to let people know about The Race that Lies Before Us.
- I’m working hard building up my platform so that when The Race that Lies Before Us is published I will be able to help my publisher sell the book.
- My agent and I, plus many friends and family, are praying for God’s leadership in where to send proposals and His guidance of those who read the manuscript and proposals.

Yes, I still feel like I’m in the midst of a tedious waiting game, but I have to remind myself that there are many things going on in the background, even if I can’t see them all. And beyond that, God’s still in control.

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