I have been offered a contract by Ramona Tucker from Oak Tara, a small Christian publishing house which offers a wide variety of fiction that is different and unique. If you’re interested in more about, them, their website is: http://oaktara.com/

Ramona had some wonderful things to say about The Race. Beyond being ecstatic that I really will be published, I’m excited that my editor is so enthusiastic about my book. While I can’t tell you everything she said because it would give away too much of the story, I wanted to share some of her comments.

Things my editor said about the book:
I found The Race That Lies Before Us to be fresh and intriguing.

I love the spunky and intriguing story of Suzanne Hartmann’s The Race that Lies Before Us.

I liked the "tension" of Stuart’s relationship with his dad, and the continuing thread of Stuart wondering why the King wanted to remain a Christian when it would almost certainly mean his death,

I also like the issue of stem cell research and the romantic tension between Stuart and Lady Anne.

The ending was very, very, very different than I thought.

I will post a series of articles about The Race that Lies Before Us starting next week, then every other week. Articles will include character introductions, discussions about the settings and themes in the book, character interviews, and possibly an excerpt for each character. I’ll also throw in couple of give-aways. The first will be in early to mid-July: a copy of Portraits of NASCAR: Inside NASCAR’s Homes, Lives, and Families.

I would like to invite you to receive the periodic Writing Updates I send out, which include more detailed information and specific prayer requests. In my most recent update, I included details about how the contract was offered as well as quotes my editor liked.

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  1. Congratulations on the contract! I, too, will be published by OakTara soon. I signed my contract in June 2008. I am currently working on the sequel. Blessings! Sherri