Another Call from Joe Gibbs Racing

I got the phone call today from Jimmy Makar, General Manager for Joe Gibbs Racing. I'd been on pins and needles all week waiting for him to call. I even carried my questions with me everywhere in case he called my cell phone when I wasn't home.

The conversation went very well. He’s a really nice guy and answered all my questions. I was surprised that he was impressed with the knowledge I already had of the sport, since I knew almost nothing about it 1 ½ years ago when I started writing THE RACE THAT LIES BEFORE US. He especially likes the sections I wrote that included driver/crew chief interaction.

What I'm REALLY excited about though, is that he’s willing to write a forward for the book! My husband suggested that I ask him, and it was a wonderful idea. I felt kind of uncomfortable asking, but he really seemed honored.

Now I need to send e-mails to the agents who are considering my book and let them know that I've got new information for the book proposal I sent them. Since they like to know what the author can do to help with marketing, I'm thinking that having someone so well-known and respected in the business write a forward would go a long way towards helping that.

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