I’ve had a few days to think things over and spend some time in prayer, I now recognize that I need to devote much more time to revising again. I’ve had the feeling for a couple of months that I would need to do this, but put it off because I haven’t wanted to spend a great deal of time and effort working in the wrong direction. After receiving this latest rejection, combined with the other feedback I have received from agents, I feel like I have more direction.

I know the plot is strong, but I need to re-work the beginning and tighten up the writing. I have noticed for some time that at the end of every revision the writing at the end of the book is always stronger than at the beginning. I learn so much along the way, that it shows in my writing. That’s good, but it also points out a stark difference in the writing style at the beginning and the end. I feel led to revise the beginning—perhaps even to the middle of the book—until I get to a point where I feel like the pace begins to quicken and the writing flows well between the old version and the new. I can’t point my finger to where that will be, but I know God will show me when I get there.

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