It only took two weeks to receive a response back on the resubmission of my revised first three chapters to the latest agent to request more information on The Race that Lies Before Us. I had really hoped she would request the full manuscript, but it was another rejection.

Since receiving this rejection, I feel the need to put my writing on hold until the end of summer. I have been trying to work on planning our next homeschool year and writing at the same time, and it’s not working. I haven’t been able to give my complete attention to either project, therefore I haven’t accomplished what I would like in either venture. Homeschool planning is the more pressing issue, so I will concentrate on that for the next six weeks or so, the return to my writing.

In many ways, I feel like I have come full circle with my writing. Although I now have a "finished" project, I am returning to the beginning…again. I need to examine the manuscript with fresh eyes and make another trip through the revision process. I’m also close to the end of the list of agents I originally created. So I in some ways, I need to start over with this aspect of writing as well.

Hopefully I will return to my writing in six weeks refreshed and full of creativity once the weight of homeschool planning is no longer hanging over my head. With a new list of agents, a more professional query letter, and a fresh beginning to the story, I hope the agents I contact will be drawn in and enticed to ask for more.

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