While it feels great to get feedback from my queries, I’ve still been wondering exactly what I need to do to make The Race that Lies Before Us acceptable. The feedback I’ve received has given me hints, but without more specific direction it would be easy to spend hours upon hours revising, yet in the end simply be spinning my wheels. But God is so good. Today, He provided exactly what I’ve been asking for—very specific direction.

The response I received from the third agent to request a partial manuscript was neither a rejection nor a request for the full manuscript, but an invitation. It said, "This needs a new hook. The beginning did not grab me. May resubmit." Again, this isn’t exactly the glowing report I’d like to hear, but it’s what I needed. Besides that, it does have a positive element. She must have seen something she liked in the remainder of the first three chapters that she liked or she would have simply sent a rejection.

Now that I know what to do, it’s time to get busy!

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