I will be attending the American Christian Fiction Writers conference this Thursday through Saturday. I am guaranteed 2 appointments with editors from big name Christian publishing houses. Beyond that, I should have opportunities to talk with other editors from both big and small publishing houses at meals, in the hallways, between classes, etc. Talking to people I don't know, just out of the blue, is WAY out of my comfort zone, but opportunities to pitch my book to them are extremely rare, so I truly need to overcome my fears and just do it.

I also have a second book I would like to pitch while I'm at the conference, even though I'm still in the process of revising it. It is women's fiction, called Disappearing Mom, about a woman who, through a series of embarrassing incidents discovers that she can disappear by sinking into the non-entity status often relegated to mothers. She has some humorous adventures as she learns to control her newfound ability, but doesn’t realize how it is transforming her opinion of herself until a near-death experience and the truth from a friend open her eyes to her real worth as a mother.

I am hoping and praying that I will get requests for proposals on both books while I'm at the conference.

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