First of all, I want to sincerely thank all of you for your prayers regarding the conference. I felt them lifting me up and reminding me to turn all of my fears over to the Lord. The conference was overwhelming, although very exciting, and a great blessing (I wrote about this on my blog at: if you're interested in the details).

Of the six editors I had an opportunity to speak with, editors from Broadman & Holman and  Revell asked for proposals on The Race that Lies Before Us. Two also asked for a proposal on my second book, Disappearing Mom, when I finish my revision. I can't even express what a wonderful feeling it was when their eyes lit up at the descriptions of my books and they leaned forward to listen better! I hope they are equally as interested when they read the first three chapters that are a part of the proposal.

Since I've brought up my second book, I thought I'd give you a blurb on it:
Disappearing Mom (women's fiction)
A series of embarrassing incidents leads Crystal to discover that she can disappear by sinking into the non-entity status often relegated to mothers. She has some humorous adventures as she learns to control her newfound ability, but doesn’t realize how it is transforming her opinion of herself until a near-death experience and the truth from a friend open her eyes to her real worth as a mother.

I know without a doubt that God guided me to the people at the conference who would be interested in by books. There was an issue with one of my editor appointments and I had to reschedule one, but God maneuvered things so that I was able to speak with the editor who was interested in both of my books.

Thank you again for your continued prayers and support.

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