In the last several weeks, I've received both good news and bad news regarding The Race that Lies Before Us.

I heard back from one of the editors I met with at the American Christian Fiction Writers conference back in Sept. Unfortunately, it was a rejection. She did say, however, that she thought it had an intriguing plot. But she didn't think her publishing house was right for me.

On the positive side, I spoken a number of times with the managing editor of a small publishing house. She has shown interest in The Race that Lies Before Us, but wants to make sure it is polished to the point that it's ready for publication. My agent and I think it is at that point, but we're in a wait-and-see pattern to hear her opinion on that.

As I continue to wait, I'm working on my second novel, Disappearing Mom. When I finish that, I will push my critique service a little more, and plan to format the series of Top 10 articles from my blog into an ebook about writing fiction.

I crave any and all of your continued prayers, especially prayers for patience as I wait for God to work out His plan to have this novel published.

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