While the small publisher who requested the full manuscript of The Race that Lies Before Us did not ask for an exclusive, I felt that God wanted me to stop querying agents and publishers for about 4 months Since that timeframe has passed I feel that God has released me from waiting, even though I have not heard back from the publisher.

I don't completely understand why God would have me spend so much time waiting when I could have been putting my book out there more places--giving me more opportunities for acceptance somewhere--but I do know that I haven't been wasting the time. God has led me to work on my blog and techniques to increase the hitcount, and increasing my contacts via Facebook and Twitter. Efforts in both of those areas have been successful. As a matter of fact, yesterday I received a request to be a guest blogger for a fellow writer! I'm so excited.

Anyway, maybe the reason God wanted me to wait was so I could focus on networking and platform-building instead of spending time querying. Whatever the reason, I will begin querying on The Race again, next week.

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