I thoroughly enjoyed reading Peril: Fast Track Thriller Book 1. The action and characters pulled me in and made this an easy, yet exciting read. Having been a crew chief, I liked the scenes where NASCAR drivers and crew chiefs interacted, and the various settings made it realistic. If you love NASCAR and you like suspense, I strongly recommend Peril. 
Jimmy Makar, GM of Joe Gibbs Racing

Give Suzanne Hartmann the "Checkered Flag" for her new book Peril: A Fast Track Thriller. This novel is like being on the race track, packed with fast-paced excitement, intrigue, never knowing what is going to happen next. Each new turn in the story also shows the importance of one's relationship with God. This book is a great read for any racing fan and/or person of Faith.
Rev. Greg Doussard, Midwest Raceway Ministries
The Sanctuary Church, Pastor

Suzanne Hartmann explodes into the writing world with her debut novel, Peril:  A Fast Track Thriller, weaving an intriguing cast of characters into her riveting story that, in the end, will leaving you wanting more.
Stephanie Gallentine, author of Refuge