I thoroughly enjoyed reading Peril: Fast Track Thriller Book 1. The action and characters pulled me in and made this an easy, yet exciting read. Having been a crew chief, I liked the scenes where NASCAR drivers and crew chiefs interacted, and the various settings made it realistic. If you love NASCAR and you like suspense, I strongly recommend Peril. 
Jimmy Makar, GM of Joe Gibbs Racing

Give Suzanne Hartmann the "Checkered Flag" for her new book Peril: A Fast Track Thriller. This novel is like being on the race track, packed with fast-paced excitement, intrigue, never knowing what is going to happen next. Each new turn in the story also shows the importance of one's relationship with God. This book is a great read for any racing fan and/or person of Faith.
Rev. Greg Doussard, Midwest Raceway Ministries
The Sanctuary Church, Pastor

Suzanne Hartmann explodes into the writing world with her debut novel, Peril:  A Fast Track Thriller, weaving an intriguing cast of characters into her riveting story that, in the end, will leaving you wanting more.
Stephanie Gallentine, author of Refuge


Fasten your seatbelt. When a woman with a secret that can make her a terrorist target meets a NASCAR racing star while trying to protect a Muslim King targeted for assassination, bullets – and questions — fly. Who is Lady Anne and what is the source of her amazing strength?
Peril: A Fast-Track Thriller lives up to the promise its title makes.  From the first page, this intriguing novel takes the reader on a fast-paced ride that doesn’t let up for miles. But it’s not all about action. There’s time for a personal story, beautiful descriptions, and an inspirational theme. While development of that inspirational theme slowed the book’s pacing at a point where it should have escalated, taken as a whole, Peril is a stunning debut and offers readers a fun experience.  Author Suzanne Hartmann deserves a trophy for originality.
Janalyn V.

Joanne's an Illinois homeschooling mom struggling with the fact that her husband is losing a battle with cancer. She's a survivor herself-she recovered from paralysis, thanks to an experimental adult-stem-cell treatment. Her family's future looks uncertain, but she tries to trust God about it.

Lady Anne is a bodyguard working for a secret government organization who's beautiful and amazingly strong, a superwoman. She shows up once in a while for unique assignments, such as protecting the king of a tiny Muslim country who recently became a Christian when he comes to America. First she saves the day during an attack at a White House dinner, and then at a NASCAR race. The king is a NASCAR racing fan and doesn't seem too worried about stepping into danger.

And there's Stuart Jackson, a successful NASCAR champion who takes a shine to Lady Anne. After spending a bit of time with her, he wants more-not only is she beautiful, but she's got a peace about her that puzzles him. He's succeeded at all his dreams, but his life is missing something. He wants her to tell him what it is. If he can find her.

Meanwhile, the Muslim extremists who try to kill the king broaden their net. They want to kill Lady Anne too. Can they find her?

Debut author Suzanne Hartmann weaves all these threads together into a twisty suspenseful plot that readers will enjoy. I especially liked the unpredictable elements of this story, of which there were many, and the believable characters.
Phyllis W.

Not being a NASCAR follower, I was pleasently entertained by this novel. It was hard to put down. All of the character's details create an engaging and interesting reading experience. In the beginning, I thought it would be a typical fast-read novel, but as I read further, I realized that there were more layers to the character's lives and individual stories. It really covers so many interest areas such as NASCAR, special agent and security forces, and family life.

I would recommend it for teens through adults.
Michele C.

Love this book! The author kept me guessing the entire way through. Just when I thought I had everything figured out, some new surprise would pop up. Lots of action and suspense in this novel intertwined with NASCAR, religion, and terrorism. I can't wait for her next novel!
Lori F.

Fast paced and a real page turner! First, all the subterfuge surrounding Lady Anne, add to that the assassination attempts on King Ahmad, the first Muslim leader turned Christian, then toss in a champion NASCAR driver that can't stop thinking about the mystery woman. The mix is as hot as the track their racing on. And a race it is as Lady Anne becomes a target on the run.

Great characters, wonderful plot - toss in a little heartache, a little romance, and stir well. What a great ride this story is!
Donna S.

Suzanne has done a wonderful job at weaving together an interesting, fast paced story.  On top of that, she has been able to integrate expressions of the Christian faith for her characters in a way that seems genuine and not forced.

I am not a NASCAR fan, but found it to be an excellent backdrop for the novel’s setting.  Having one of the main characters be a homeschooling mother was interesting.  Even more intriguing was having a major thread be about a king of a Muslim country who recently became a Christian convert and the danger he faces from that decision.  Best yet is that the story unfolds in a manner that does not have you anticipating what will happen before it happens. Suzanne has managed to weave an interesting story that has me eager for the next book in the trilogy.

Laura O.


I finished Peril last night, and the story kept me turning the pages.  I really liked it!!!
The only problem is that I want to hear more!  How fast can you write?
Julie T.
I'm serious. I can't put "Peril" down. So good! I'm going to need a couple more copies.
Shannon M.

I've just (7 am here in Oz) finished "Peril" and wanted to thank you for it. It's a great read and I'm looking forward to your next book.
Glen W. (Australia)

It's awesome!
Michael M. (17 years old)