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PERIL - Book 1
A Top Secret Agent
A High-Profile Assignment
Danger at NASCAR tracks
Lady Anne, a top operative of the OJL, the American government's most clandestine intelligence organization, is paid to be paranoid, and she's good at her job. So good, in fact, that she singlehandedly stops an assassination attempt at the White House. When newspapers splash her photo on the front page for saving King Ahmad--a Muslim recently converted to the Christian faith--not only is her cover in jeopardy, but the secrets of her enhanced strength. Then she's given another assignment--to escort King Ahmad to a NASCAR track...
Stuart Jackson is at the peak of his career as the reigning NASCAR Cup Champion and has everything anyone could want--fame, fortune, success. But after he's nearly blown up by a bomb at the White House, his achievements lose their allure. Nor can he forget the mysterious Lady Anne.