LADY ANNE is King Ahmad’s beautiful, but mysterious bodyguard. While she appears to be all lady on the outside, she is not afraid to face terrorists and is capable of taking them down with her enhanced abilities. She is a woman full of secrets, and no one is able to trace her history or whereabouts.

KING AHMAD is the king of the small Muslim nation of Mashkoor, which is situated between Bulgaria and Turkey. He is the first Muslim king to convert to Christianity and is shunned by friends and family as well as hunted by every Muslim terrorist group in existence.

STUART JACKSON is a two-time NASCAR Champion who is at the peak of his career, yet finds his life lacking meaning. Although drawn to Lady Anne by her beauty, once he has a chance to get to know her, it is her contentment in an obviously difficult situation which makes him seek her.

JOANNE VANDER HAAS is an agent with the United States’ most covert agency. When the threats surrounding Lady Anne intertwine with Joanne’s job, her agency agrees to a desperate plan to protect their secrets…one that could lead to death.

NEIL VANDER HAAS is Joanne’s husband. Stuart admires him for his strong Christian walk and the way he fights his serious illness with dignity.

GEORGE OWENS is Joanne’s boss. He has worked with her for almost fifteen years. The first several years they were partners. He has a quirky sense of humor and enjoys getting the best of Stuart.

TROY COLLINS is Stuart Jackson’s crew chief. Since Stuart’s relationship with his father is poor, Troy often plays the father figure in Stuart’s life.

JOHN BLASZCZYK (blaschik) is the pilot for Stuart Jackson’s jet and always good for adding a little humor. His fear of covert government agencies is contagious and begins to affect Stuart when he has to deal with Joanne’s boss.

AMBASSADOR BAINSWORTH is the American ambassador to King Ahmad’s country, Mashkoor. When he brokers a peace treaty between Mashkoor and Israel, he becomes a terrorist target and Lady Anne is assigned to protect him.