Can you tell us a little about yourself?
I am the king of Mashkoor, a small, oil-rich, Islamic country between Turkey and Bulgaria. Until I met my friend, Professor Hutchins, who was n charge of an archaeological dig in my country, I was a devoted follower of Muhammed.

Do you mind sharing about your conversion?
Not at all. I welcome the opportunity. I studied archaeology in college, so I followed the progress of Adam’s—Professor Hutchins—team. It intrigued me that he had determined where to dig based on clues found in the Bible, combined with geographical, historical, and archaeological information. I questioned him about the historical accuracy of the Bible, and those questions led me to consider that if prophesies regarding historical events had been accurately predicted by prophets of the Christian God, could the many other prophesies in the Bible, have been fulfilled as well?  

When Adam told me about God’s plan to offer a Savior to bridge the gap between man and God, I was, as you American like to say, blown away. So different that in Islam, where an indifferent Allah judges people according to his whims. I could not ignore a loving God who offers a guaranteed way to heaven .

As I continued to read the Bible, my desire to know this loving God grew until I had to act upon what I had learned. So Adam led my in a simple prayer and  I admitted that I had committed wrongs, stated that I believed Jesus had died to pay the price for my sins and rose again, then asked for God’s forgiveness. Such a simple act, yet it brought such joy.

It must be difficult being the king of a Muslim nation now that you have converted to Christianity.
It has made my life difficult in many ways. The most difficult has been in dealing with my family. Thankfully, we have secular law rather than Shari’ a law. So they do not feel the need to kill me. Instead, they shun me.

I can’t imagine what it must be like. Does everyone shun you?
Thankfully, no, or it would be a very lonely life for me. My advisers must work with me or they cannot do their job. But I cannot trust them. Many say they admire my bravery, but in their heart they wish to kill me. But I try to love them. They have been deceived, as I was for so many years. I would see them all come to know Christ if I could, so I hold regular church services in the palace, as Lady Anne suggested.

Can you tell us how you met Lady Anne?She was assigned to be my escort during my State Visit to the White House. And I must admit that I was quite miffed that a woman was to be my bodyguard. As much as I have grown in my faith, sometimes the Muslim beliefs I was trained in all my life still govern my thoughts. It was difficult to accept that she could do the job adequately, but she reminded me that I had prayed about my safety and stated that God had provided. As time told, she was quite right.

There were some unusual reports that she did some fantastic things that made her the hero of the day, not just at the White House, but when she escorted you to the Talladega Superspeedway as well. Can you shed some light on them.
I can only say that her methods are truly unusual, but she has asked me not to speak of them openly.

Her secrets, right?
Yes. I only know the smallest part of them, but I am very thankful that God placed her in my path and used her to provide for my safety.

You are a very lucky man, Your Majesty. Best wishes on your continued safety and your attempt to witness to those around you.

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