You're quite the mystery woman, Lady Anne. After your appearances with King Ahmad at the White House and the Talladega Superspeedway, no one could locate you.
I have many secrets to guard, so my privacy is very important to me.

Some people think that you were involved in carrying out the incidents at the White House. Is there any truth to that?
Absolutely not! My actions saved people; they did not harm them.

You aren’t hiding out from the law, so are you hiding because of the reports that you did some fantastic things which made you the hero of the day?These high-profile assignments make me nervous, especially when I must demonstrate  my enhanced abilities. The attention they have brought me is not welcomed.

So you're saying the reports are true?I am afraid I can say no more about that. My work and how I accomplish it is classified.

I can tell this line of questioning is making you uncomfortable, so why don’t we change the subject.
That would be appreciated.

You spent quite a bit of time with King Ahmad when he visited the U.S. What do you think of the first Muslim king to convert to Christianity?
He is a very brave man. Every Islamic terrorist group in existence has vowed to kill him, yet he refuses to recant his beliefs. He has found the truth and will not turn from it.

Did you enjoy the time you spent with him?
It was an honor to escort him to the White House and a pleasure to get to know him over the weekend at the Talladega Superspeedway. I respect him very highly. Unfortunately, appearing with him has made my life difficult. It has brought me fame that I do not want and has even made me a terrorist target.

That must be difficult. How do you deal with the knowledge that there are people out there who want to kill you?
It worries me constantly, especially since my friend Stuart Jackson has been threatened too. Since he is a famous NASCAR champion, he cannot go into hiding as I can. But I have a plan. It is very risky and I am not looking forward to implementing it, but if it works I should be safe from the threat of terrorists.

I don't suppose you could share that plan with us?
I am afraid not.

More secrets?
Yes. My life is full of secrets.

As much as I would love to know more, I can understand that hour plan would need secrecy, so I will just wish you the best of luck. Thank you for joining me today. It has bee a pleasure to get to know you.

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